Coloring Books by John Wik


My self-published coloring books are a little more detailed than the usual fare because I've always enjoyed coloring but I often have trouble finding books that keep me entertained and interested. I like working on designs that take a long time and have many possibilities for variation because when you get deeply involved it can be both stimulating and relaxing.

The designs in all of these books are printed on one side of the paper because that's the best way to produce a coloring book!

I recommend Prismacolor Premier colored pencils or Triplus Fineliner Pens to color my books, but anything you're comfortable with is cool with me. I also suggest placing a blank sheet under the page you're coloring to avoid any marker bleed through (of course, this is true for any coloring book!)

 For my special edition "enhanced" books I'd also suggest PITT Artist Brush Pens which come in several colors - Manga and Terra are my favorite sets but there are quite a variety of colors available.

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